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Paint And Bumper Repair

MemberCar Paint & Bumper Repair

Contrary to popular belief, many bumper and paint repairs do NOT need to be performed at a body shop! Our MemberCar professional crews can repair and paint most car panels at our facility for a fraction of what body shops charge. Even better, since our repairs are usually done in a day, our Members experience less downtime and inconvenience.

For more complicated repairs, Members are refered to one of our preferred providers in our network. All of the vendors in our network provide excellent quality workmanship at the best prices. If your car should take more than a day to repair, MemberCar provides our Members with a rental car at a minimal cost.

Ouch! Before Repairs

After MemberCar Repairs

Rear Bumper Crack

Body Shop Estimate $900

MemberCar Repair $450*

Member Savings $450

*this is a real life example, but not a guarantee of price. Prices are dependent upon amount of damage and wheel type.